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Potassium Acetate

Potassium Acetate

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Potassium Acetate

Backed with rich industry experience in this field, we are instrumental in offering quality checked Potassium Acetate. Having an ability to produce a cool crust over burning oil, this chemical is used in fire extinguishers. With the implication of advanced methodology, it is formulated using a base containing potassium with acetic acid. Customers use this chemical as a food additive for preserving quality and enhancing the taste. Also, this Potassium Acetate is ideal to be used to process medicines for mummification and tissue preservation.

Key points

  • Purity
  • Used as catalyst in laboratories
  • Soluble in liquid 
  • Strong oxidizing agents  

 CAS No: 127-08-2

Potassium acetate can be used as a Deicer, Food Additives, Medicines, As catalyst in production of Polyurethanes also.


  • Deicing: Potassium Acetate is an ideal deicing agent which can melt or prevent the formation of ice. It is a good alternative to chloride salts, like calcium chloride; because of its less corrosiveness and aggression on soils. These properties of potassium salt makes it ideal to be used at airport runways. This salt quickly cools down and forms a crust over burning oils, therefore, is used in class K fire extinguishers as an extinguishing agent.
  • Food additive: It can be used in the food processing industry as a preservative and acidity regulator. E number E261 is the label given to this salt in the European Union and also approved to be used in countries, like Australia, New Zealand and USA. Potassium hydrogen diacetate (CAS #4251-29-0 ) with formula KH(OOCCH3)2 is a related food additive which has similar number that of potassium acetate.

Medicine and biochemistry:

  • Potassium acetate can be used in medicine as a part of replacement protocols in the diabetic ketoacidosis treatment, as it breaks down into bicarbonate and promotes neutralizing the acidotic state.
  • In molecular biology, professionals use it to precipitate dodecyl sulfate (DS) and dodecyl sulfate-bound proteins in order to remove proteins from DNA. It can also be used as a salt for ethanol precipitation of DNA.
  • In molecular biology, potassium acetate is used to precipitate dodecyl sulfate (DS) and DS-bound proteins, allowing the removal of proteins from DNA.
  • It can also be used as an important ingredient in making mixtures that can be applied to preserve or fix tissue and mummification. Kaiserling in 1897 recommended to use formaldehyde-based method in museums and presently, it is being used in many museums. The famous Lenin's mummy was also soaked in a bath that contained potassium acetate.  
  • Death penalty: In January 2015 in Oklahoma, potassium acetate was given instead of potassium chloride to prisoner during lethal injection process.
  • Industry: It is widely used as a catalyst in the polyurethanes production.

Technical Details:

Other names Potassium salt, E261
CAS Number 127-08-2
ChEMBL ChEMBL1201058
ChemSpider 29104
PubChem 31371
Chemical formula C2H3KO2
Molar mass 98.14 gmol1
Appearance White deliquescent crystalline powder
Density 1.8 g/cm3 (20oC)
1.57 g/cm3 (25oC)
Melting point 292 C (558 oF; 565 K)
Boiling point Decomposes
Solubility in water 216.7 g/100 mL (0.1 oC)
233.8 g/100 mL (10 C)
268.6 g/100 mL (25 C)
320.8 g/100 mL (40 C)
390.7 g/100 mL (96 C)
Solubility Soluble in alcohol, liquid ammonia
Insoluble in ether, acetone
Solubility in methanol 24.24 g/100 g (15 C)
53.54 g/100 g (73.4 C)
Solubility in ethanol 16.3 g/100 g
Solubility in sulfur dioxide 0.06 g/kg (0 C)
Acidity (pKa) 4.76
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